Our philosophy

In a world dominated by synthetic chemical products, your skin deserves the natural and pure treatment that Virgo Terra cosmetics offer.

We successfully produce Virgo Terra skin care by combining pure and effective raw materials from

“Virgin Earth”. 

Without using Preservatives, Mineral Oils, Silicones, PEG, PPG, SLS and other toxic materials 

We continue our beauty journey in a different way, we focus on the absolute essentials of beauty care, we follow our fundamental principles:

Compatibility - Effectiveness –Νaturalness

A valuable innovation for your skin



Water Free
Water in a cosmetic always has the larger proportion of all the other ingredients. So, it was a real challenge for us to convert it from a simple solvent to a real active!

In conventional cosmetic formula, the main ingredient in uppermost proportion is plain water, which may make up to 90% of the total formulation, thus allowing cosmetic to easily claim a 100% natural product.

Yet standard water, in cosmetics, is not a hydrating active component, but a mere inactive filler.

As opposed to this, we conceive lines with 100% Organic floral water instead of just water,

a genuine natural active ingredient, precious for its hydrating and soothing qualities.


Crystal Liquid System
The crystal liquid emulsion is a new type of emulsion, which is different from the traditional emulsion system. It is the ordered arrangement of surfactant and oil molecules formed at the oil-water interface, and this ordered arrangement is the reason why the emulsion of crystal liquid structure gives better application performances than conventional emulsion systems in terms of stability and moisturization.


  • Fights against a broad spectrum of bacteria
  • Supports treatment of irritated and inflamed skin
  • Extremely effective, even at a small dosage
  • long-lasting effect

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