Water-free ? ...

because water in a cosmetic always comes at the expense of the proportion of active ingredients.

In conventional cosmetic formulae, the main ingredient in uppermost proportion is plain water, which may make up to 90% of the total formulation , thus allowing cosmetic  to easily claim a 100% natural product. Yet standard water, in cosmetics, is not a hydrating active component, but a mere inactive filler.

As opposed to this, we conceive lines with  100% Organic floral water  instead  of water, a genuine natural active ingredient precious for its hydrating and soothing qualities.

Made with 100% Organic floral water

Better than water from the highest glaciers or the deepest oceans, more than rain or mineral water, here is the purest and most valuable of water sources that brings the magic of plants to you:  “the Fruit water, true as Nature itself”.

The most abundant ingredient in all cosmetic formulations is water. Not all cosmetics use the same water though. In our formulations we use the organic floral water (hydrosol) which is the water remaining after the distillation of the essential oils. Clinically, the chemical components in the hydrosol are primarily acids, which are hydrophilic (water-loving).

Why do they work? Because they acidify the water or the product, which is beneficial to the skin or in the body. Thus the hydrosol acts as a healing anti-inflammatory and mild, but therapeutic antiseptic. Bacteria do not live well in acidic environments, which is why acidic liquids such as vinegar make good preservatives for food items like pickles, Chile peppers and Olives. Acidic environments are astringent and so the hydrosols are useful in skin care products as astringents constrict and contract the tissues.

liquid crystal system

The liquid crystal emulsion is a new type of emulsion which is different from the traditional emulsion system. It is the ordered arrangement of surfactant and oil molecules formed at the oil-water interface, and this ordered arrangement makes the emulsion of liquid crystal structure showing better application performances than conventional emulsion systems in terms of stability, controlled release and moisturizing.

The major advantages of using liquid crystal system are:

  • stability of viscosity with different lipidic phase
  • high hydration and moisturizing effect
  • extremely high skin absorption
    • light texture without whitening effect


  • is active against a broad spectrum of bacteria
  • supports treatment of irritated and inflamed skin
  • is extremely effective, even at a low dosage
  • has a long-lasting effect (depot and time-release effect)

The germicidal action of silver comes from the formation of soluble silver ions. It is the effect of the inactivation of certain enzymes and the lesion of bacterial membranes through the silver ions that are released.