Calcium Gluconate

Calcium Gluconate is a novel combination of gluconate and calcium, both of which are intimately involved in skin metabolism.

Calcium is an important cellular effector which affects a wide variety of different systems, especially the activity of certain enzymes. It promotes keratinocyte differentiation, stimulates the adhesion of corneocytes to one another (thereby reinforcing the cutaneous barrier) and it is also involved in filaggrin synthesis ( the precursor of *NLF* ) so it tends to increase the skin’s moisture content

Gluconate acts as a vehicle for calcium thereby promoting its delivery to cutaneous tissue. It is also important in cellular regeneration because it is involved in synthesis of ribose sugars which are structural components of DNA and RNA molecules and in the production of NADPH,H+ which is a crucial coenzyme in a variety of oxidation reactions ( especially the mitochondrial reactions involved in the process of respiration )

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