Hyal+ Serum

HYAL + concentrate serum is a treatment that repairs the marks that time may leave on the skin. Our skin is the most important field of defense in our organism. Hyal + acts as a skin shield which is directly activated each time that an environmental intruder tries to disrupt its sensitive biological balance.

Tired or aging skins are directly related to the appearance of surface irregularities and small wrinkles. Besides internal factors (genetics, lifestyle), other parameters such as dehydration or loss of elasticity have to be considered. HYAL + is a biotechnological product based on sodium hyaluronate that reproduces a specific spectrum of molecular weight, with a targeted focus on skins at a
particular physiological step (homeostasis or stress). Treated skins react in a more adapted manner, thanks to an evolutive interaction between matrix hyaluronans and their cell receptor CD44. This adaptive answer gives to the cell a capacity to “sense” its microenvironment and respond in return (by signal transduction or by cytoskeletal dynamics regulation). The benefit ? A better effect linked to a more specific cellular answer.

After thoroughly cleansing and toning, smooth over the skin of the face and neck. Use morning and/or evening.

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