Lotion Tonic

For dehydrated skin, Tonic Lotion , rich in softeners and antioxidants, completes your cleansing ritual and prurifies your skin, leaving it soft and fresh.

This tonic lotion, with Rosa damascena and aloe Vera, removes all traces of cleansers, face masks and exfoliators and leaves the skin perfectly balanced and refreshed. It tones, purifies, respects the pH balance and maintains moisture levels thanks to its outstanding ingredients. The ribose helps activate cell metabolism. The silver ions containing revitalize, moisturize and tightens the skin. Suitable for normal, combination, dry and sensitive skins. Addendum required after cleaning the cleansing milk and every morning as first care cleaning.

After cleansing milk or cleansing foam use, apply with a cotton pad on dry skin. Follow with the nourishing cream night or day. For best results apply twice daily follow with eye and face nourishing day and night creams. Avoid eye contact.

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