Moisturizing Serum

This booster of moisture rehydrates the skin by directly acting on and promoting its natural hydrating mechanisms.

This special treatment serum helps combat the effects of stress on the skin by rehydrating, protecting and nourishing the cells. newest inovation of sodium hyaluronate based on molecular length, which is highly hydrated, fills the space between the collagen fibres, the elastic fibres and the cells. It is responsible for the vasco-elastic properties of skin tissue. Galactoarabinan and Glucono-delta-lactone  help boost the skin up to prolong a bright, healthy complexion. Diminishes signs of ageing, promotes a firm, supple complexion, while protecting from free radicals and a polluted environment.

Use in the morning and evening. Massage into thoroughly- cleansed face and neck. Allow to absorb for 2-3 minutes and follow with cream. Avoid contact with eyes.

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