Oily Control Serum

Lightweight serum instantly tightens, purifies and visibly minimizes enlarged pores  promoting a fresh, flawless complexion.

This serum, combination of Rosa Damascena and Hamamelis distillate, is designed to control sebaceous gland activity and minimize irritations that cause blemishes. It improves skin’s texture and appearance by eliminating oily shine. Maintains sebum consistency in the right balance within the skin, avoids hydrolysis of the triglycerides to free fatty acids and regulates excessive production of sebum. In a month’s intensive treatment, pores will be tightened gradually thanks to Microsilver and skin’s texture will be refined.

Use morning and evening. Massage into thoroughly-cleansed face. Allow to absorb for 2-3 minutes and follow with light day or night cream. Avoid contact with eyes.

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