Why organic?

Being in harmony with Nature—accepting its bounty and treating it as a long-term asset—led us to conceive Virgo Terra as a way of sharing the "Virgin - Earth" where we have our roots, and that unique respect for nature .

As nature goes hand in hand with environment, calling on not just natural, but organic ingredients was an inevitable step towards sustainability: since we rely on nature for our ingredients, we respect nature and the environment all the more. Through their organic certification, all Virgo Terra products show that they also are 100% environmentally friendly. Organic means safety and reliability, both for your skin and for the environment: we neither use, nor produce ingredients, nor employ production processes that are harmful to the environment.

Every single Virgo Terra  skin care,  product is free from chemical and preservatives, mineral oils, synthetic chemicals. Even our cleansing products demonstrate no aquatic toxicity and contain only mild biodegradable surfactants .

Most of the ingredients that are included in our products are extracted from organically cultivated plants. All of the plants are carefully monitored during their cultivation and processing.

We successfully produce Virgo Terra cosmetics by combining pure and effective raw materials from the “Virgin Earth”.

In a world dominated by synthetic chemical products your skin deserves the natural and pure treatment that Virgo Terra cosmetics offer.

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